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Should You Use A Professional Voice Female Talent

There’s a big debate industry today. Will it be more effective to use a professional female voice over talent over a male one? How would you know if the project you are working on needs a female voice? You can flip a coin to get an easy decision but it will not give your project that shining moment.
In this business, choosing a professional voice female talent or male talent can make or break the success of your project. Instead of doing the flip coin, why not continue reading on to find out what factors to consider in choosing the right voice for your project.

Based on historical trends, projects which are focus on malesss-dominated industries use male voice over. On the other hand, industries which are dominated by female will use a professional voice female talent for the voice over. But is this always the case? Gone are the days when you have to consider these circumstances. There are instances when a female voiceover talent can do more justice to a project even though it is intended for a male-dominated industry. The same is true with the male voice over.

Female Voiceover Talent: Is it Better?
There is no formula in determining when to use a professional voice female talent. If we want to be honest, sometimes it’s a trial and error basis. But to make your life so much easier in deciding which voice to use, please keep these points in mind:

What Industry Are You Trying to Engage

Typically, in sports, male voice over is used for commercials, announcements, etc. The same is true with fashion, female voice over is usually the voice you will hear. But we live in a changing world where the line between female and male is becoming blurry. Some companies today utilize a professional voice female talent in a male-dominated industry. This will give a twist to an already predictable television commercial voice over  for example. Because of the surprise female voice, your audience will get curious and finally will listen to what you are telling them.

 The product you are selling

A twist can be good but it is not applicable to every circumstance. Say for example, a commercial about nail polish. It will be awkward to use a male voice over for this situation. The same is true about professional voice female talent.

According to one study, for gender-neutral products the type of voice did not matter. But for products which are generally female-oriented, using an engaging professional voice female talent can make a different. A voice that your intended customers can really relate to.

 The trust factor of the voice

Trust is the number one component when you are trying to reach out to your audience. Depending on what your message is, a relationship or rapport should be built first. Because of professional voice female talent is generally soft, less aggressive and more caring-sounding, more and more people trust this kind of voice. On the other hand, a low-pitch male voice is considered as the least trustworthy of all the voices.

Where to Get Professional Voice Female Talent

A professional voice female talent can be useful for your projects. May it be a commercial, telephone announcement, training videos, or corporate videos, a female voice over can help you make a connection. For premium quality and reliable female voices, please contact our toll free hotlines or you can start an online chat with us. For more info visit oue voice over services

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