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Opportunities presented by Commercial Voice Over Services

Every day we come across commercial voice over services that stream through the radio in our cars, the TV in our living rooms and through other broadcast mediums in our offices and places in between. Despite advances in technology, TV and radio are still the medium that advertisers prefer. There is a growing demand for commercials on YouTube and in podcasts. Add this all up and there are plenty of options for commercial producers and plenty of work opportunities for online commercial voice over talents.

The role of a professional commercial voice over is to promote brands of companies. This could be a narration or voice acting depending on the type of commercial. The commercial project may be aired on the television, the radio, over the internet, in a podcast, or through smartphone applications. Commercial voice over services can be applied to any industry like retail, tourism, entertainment, finance, and medical.

Qualities of a Talent for Commercial Voice Over Services

The sheer number of online commercial voice over applicants is enormous that makes the selection process a daunting task. The right applicant should have great flexibility when reading a script putting life into it. This is not merely reading words, emotions come into play to attract the listener.  Cheap Voice Over Services is best offered by Vanan Voice, the competitive agency in the industry The voice should sound irritated when projecting anger, happy for exuding joy, and anxiety to convey fear. Either way, the professionalism and the creativity of the applicant trying out for the part will be exposed during the audition.

Voice over companies maintains a network of native speakers that are grouped according to age, genre, and gender. The selection process is made simple and easy for a client, give your specifications and a voice talent will be picked out for the audition.

The demographics of the ideal candidate for the commercial voice over services will vary depending on the industry, type of commercial and the target audience. If a persuasive approach is required a female voice artist will fit the job to a T and an authoritative style requires a male voice. Nowadays, there is a demand for cartoon characters in a commercial and the talent should be versatile in handling the part.

Professional commercial voice over is a very lucrative career

A professional commercial voice over is not earned overnight but through years of hard work and persistence. Along the way there will be a lot of bumps and continuous practice will help you overcome all of these to reach the top of the mountain.

The commercial voice over rates are great, a reason why you can hear famous actors and actresses moonlighting as voice over artists for animation films and commercials. The likes of…

• Zach Braff as the Cotonelle dog, a toilet paper advertisement.

• George Clooney for Budweiser, a beer product.

• Keiffer Sutherland for Intel, a computer hardware manufacturer.

• Julia Roberts for Nationwide, an insurance company.

• Julianna Margulies for Pampers, a baby product.

• Queen Latifah for Pizza Hut.

Okay, so you are a non-celeb – So What? Don’t be dismayed, there is a lot of professional commercial voice over artists, just like you, who are paid big bucks for their work, to name a few:

• Hank Ariza ,the voice behind the “The Simpsons” characters: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, and other characters.

• Nancy Cartwright, the voice behind “The Simpsons” characters: Bart Simpson, Ralph Wiggum, and Todd Flanders.

• Frank Welker, the voice behind many characters that include Pinky and the Brain, Scooby Doo and also for the Transformers films.

• Billy Wet his voice was used in cartoons such as Futurama.

• Walt Disney, the voice behind Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

There are no hard and fast rules to reach the top of the ladder. But willing to do what it takes to be good at providing commercial voice over services will get you there. For more info visit

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