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How did Russian voice over become a necessity

There are approximately 145 million native speakers found in many regions of Russia, Belarus, Latvia, and other European countries, making Russian as the eighth most spoken language in the world. Natural gas, steel, agricultural products, and heavy industries account for almost 80% of Russian exports in the international market. Russia also enjoys an upper-middle mixed market economy characterized by manageable foreign debts, a good standing on credit rating, and a highly skilled labor market.
Local and international corporations should localize their products, programs, and services using voice over in order to penetrate this promising market. Whether online videos, multimedia distribution, or TV and radio commercial spots, Russian voice will always be a great addition to access a broader range of Russian viewership. At the same time, Russian companies located either in the local area or abroad must localize their corporate videos, staff orientations, and E-learning materials to help their local workforce understand the source.
Vanan, an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company, has the full expertise, mechanisms, and talent resources to deliver high-quality voice over services spoken in 100 different languages for a starting rate of $128. A competitive team of professional voice over artists, talent coordinators, project supervisor, and video technicians work harmoniously to come up with a perfect video.

The qualifications of an excellent Russian voice over talent

Voice over artists are the industry professionals who are responsible for making video sources more interesting to the public. The role of a Russian voice over talent is to ensure proper delivery of the script lines according to voice type, stress, intonation, and regional accent. He or she is expected to convey the exact message of the video using the appropriate Russian language and expressions.
Voice over talents can work in different industries. This makes a voice over career exciting but requires a lot of hard work and dedication. The project manager has the full responsibility of supervising the entire voice over project from talent selection, voice casting, actual studio recording, and final revisions.
Each industry requires a specific voice type or style that should fit well in the video source to achieve better results. Our Russian voice over talent can work in numerous categories and their respective sources such as:
Public announcements – announcers at sports stadiums, shopping malls, live concerts, airport terminals, and other public venues

Commercial – radio jingles, voice prompt, television commercials, and marketing videos
Corporate and business – training videos, HR videos, informative videos, trade shows, and product launching

Motivational – inspirational videos, fitness videos, and counseling videos
Narration – audio books, biography, TV or radio documentaries, and movie films
Online – product presentation, website use, and online tutorials of any kind
Learning – educational videos, lectures, and thesis presentation
Animation – interactive video games, cartoon series, and animated movies

Why consider our Russian voice over services

Our voice over services can bring your entertainment videos and commercial spots to life. Once we receive your video source, our transcribers will listen to the source and produce the necessary script immediately. The project manager will coordinate with the selected Russian voice over artist to discuss the initial phase of the project.
Completing the list of service features we offer includes 24/7 project monitoring, easy payment options, flexible service terms, and full protection of your private information through an NDA agreement. With state-of-the-art technology, we have made the whole voice over process fully efficient, connecting great talents, effective managers, and clients under our services. Our clients can also enjoy rewarding discounts and unmatched privileges for next order or high volume of orders.
Making an investment through a voice over is always a perfect idea to invite more people to seek for your products and services. But more than that, a Russian voice can open up bigger opportunities not only for Russian establishments but also for aspiring voice over talents worldwide.

We as the leading Russian voice over agency offer competitive services with the features including:

Russian native speakers for voice over
Russian native speakers for voice over
Voice artists of all age groups and different voice modulations
Specially skilled voice artists for movies and documentaries
Voice over for commercial and business promotional and advertisement videos and more
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