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Perks of hiring a professional on hold voice over service provider

Businesses with phone support need to on hold voice over recording integrated into the phone system to prevent customers from abandoning calls when placed on hold, especially when you run a business offering after-sales phone support.
Studies have shown that no less than an average 10% of all customers combined for both tangible and non-tangible products end up calling phone support. Every minute that ticks by increases the risk of the customer simply ending the call and you may never hear back from them.
The need to place customers on hold over the phone is unavoidable, especially when the phone lines are queuing and you have maxed out your phone operators when looking up records or past transactions for a caller.
Just imagine how a customer waits on the other end of the line on hold, only to end up frustrated and end their call right away? But with an on hold voiceover recording keeping them entertained while waiting, it would ease the tension and allow customers to wait a little longer.

Look for the best on hold voice over rates that provide the best quality output

There are a wide variety of options for on hold voiceover rates that’s available in the market. Depending on the service provider, charges may be applied per minute, per length of recording or a singular flat rate.
What you need to consider for on hold voice over recording, however, is not just the price but the quality of the recordings you have. There is a whole lot of difference when your on hold voice over recording portrays a more human character with emotions rather than a monotonous one.
Your goal is to engage your customers while they are on hold and the best way to do that is to keep them holding on for a few more minutes while your operators are doing their best to speed up a support service.

Things you should have in your on hold voice over message recording

This is where our on hold voice over service message comes in. You need to have a creative and personalized script for your recorded message. There are no hard and fast rules for your recorded hold message, but it does mean a lot to focus on creating your messages.
List down what you think your customers would love to hear when waiting on the line, it can be special discounts you are offering, words of wisdom, walk-through instructions, etc. Next, draft your message, but make sure that it does not contain any hard-hitting messages or difficult-sounding terms
Rehearse your script and have someone listen to it and critique the draft, so that you can get feedback from a different perspective.

Commission your on hold voice recording with a reliable provider

Always make sure to choose the right provider to service your on hold voice recording. You need to choose the right on hold voice talent that can provide character to your hold message. The on hold voice talent needs to possess a good quality tone of voice and one that can sound confident and has a talent for versatility.
It pays a lot to have different yet enticing moods for your on hold voice talent for your on hold voice recordings. The next time you commission your on hold voice over recordings, dwell on the tips and ideas provided which can help you leverage on it for your business.