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Microphone Voice Over

Microphone voice over services features the uses of microphones in the studio for crystal clear voice clarity. When compared to the usage of old mic, today with the advancement of technology and change in the trend of voice over processes, the use of microphones have increased and also created the demands from the client’s perspective. This has compelled many studios to integrate microphones for voice recording. Always with the flare to adapt with new technologies, Vanan Voice has with no compromise has brought the microphones for voice over which is also very comfortable for sound engineers and technicians in the studio to record voices with high professionalism.
The professional microphone voice over has also boosted up the interest of the artists to give various voice modulation and perform excellently. With this progress, we now provide:
Reputable microphone voice over service
Cheap and competitive service
voice over for special characters, animal voice and animated cartoons
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Frequently Asked Questions : FAQ / Help / Documentation

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3. what is mean by Polar pattern?