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Where to find professional English voice over talents

English is considered as the “Universal Language” and “Business Language” of the World. No wonder most video broadcasts are in English.
However, a good sounding voice is no guarantee that you will automatically qualify for a voice over job. A lot of practice and overcoming obstacles stand in the way of English voice over talents before achieving success in their chosen profession.
An voice over services provider knows how to spot a talent a mile away. The selection process is rigid, many apply but only a few are chosen. Applicants are given a script, they are judged based on their ability to read. Emotions should be felt in the voice to give life to the words like happiness to exude joy, anxiety to display worry and irritation to show anger. The high and low pitch and accent should be present in the reader’s voice.
Vanan is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with a network of native speakers who have the capability to attract viewers to your company’s video. Videos typically deliver a complex message in a short amount of time. This is where the expertise of our talents come in, they will explain the brand’s concept and deliver rich information. The artist’s voice will be enjoyable to hear and will sound honest.

English voice over rates with no hidden costs

With advancement in technology, producing videos is now easier compared to yesteryear. Modern equipment and soundproof studios became accessible to voice over providers. Competition has led to lower English voice over rates.
The filled up online form in our Free Quote section will serve as a basis for providing you with our bid for your voice over project. Everything will be divulged upfront, each cost will be itemized along with the turnaround time and other important details. You will have a complete picture of the total cost that will definitely not break your bank without add-on costs come payment time.
Once you accepted our offer for voice over services, work will start and we will be true to our word in everything that we presented in our offer. In case, you are not satisfied with the selection of your English voice over talent, notify us so that we can prepare an audition to find a replacement.

English voice over rates with no hidden costs

The voice that will be heard is the final touch to a great video, it can determine the success or failure of Your project. Our services will provide that human touch that will increase chances of being viewed, stimulate the interest of viewers and convert this to sales.
Before deciding on the artist you should understand your project. Everything starts from the script, it might need only 1 voice actor or many. And the voice or voices should complement the script so that the video is exactly the way you wanted it.
By knowing your audience you will be able to determine the voice for your project. Are they Senior Citizens? Teenagers? Gender? Country?
Generally, people listen to voices that they are familiar with so pick out a voice that will connect with your target demographic.
We focus on keeping our clients satisfied. At the onset, we provide free samples to gauge the capability of our talents. Our talents are grouped according to gender, age, and genre for your easy selection. We keep up to date with the latest audio equipment to give that pizazz in the crystal clear voice of our talents. We work round-the-clock to ensure that your project is delivered on time and produced with the highest quality. If you need advice, we can help you with what will click with your video and what does not.
Our voice talents include male, female and child artists who can also give voice modulations for animals that perfectly suit animated movies and video games. We pride in offering:
Quick turnaround time and 24/7 services
Low and not hidden costs
Native speakers with knowledge in voice over
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