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Voice over services are most required when the audio content in a language needs to be translated or converted into a different language. This voice over service is most required by the corporate sectors for presentations, training centers, films, advertisements, documentaries, movies and many other sectors. You can translate the content in any languages that are spoken widely around the world as you want it. Vanan Translation offers the best services to our client from around the world online and our artists are highly talented in providing the professional voice over services. We provide you the most appropriate audio recordings for the voice over.
We as the part of voice over services also serve in developing the script which can be used for recording and into audio. Our script translators can translate the scripts into any language and almost all our voice over artists are native speakers, therefore, you can for sure expect the original accent of the words spoken by people in the region. We have the studio well-equipped with all latest equipments, software and infrastructure that will support greatly in providing the reliable services in the industry. Our professional team of voice over artists and script translators along with quality controllers, we undertake any turnkey projects which also includes the process of transcription of audio content, extraction, script translation and many other related services.
We further have multimedia professionals who further ensure in providing the highest quality services which includes overlaying voice over match, entering time code and more. Our efficient and knowledgeable team of voice over includes artists of all age groups, gender, tone and voice style. Therefore we can for sure deliver you varieties of voices according to your requirements to match your expectations. Our voice over services are extended to translating training programs, corporate and promotional videos, sales presentations, commercial contents, narrations, promos, jingles and more. We provide the voice over services in almost all internationally spoken languages and our services extends to over 300 languages spoken world-wide.

Benefits of Vanan Voices:

Native artists
Artists of all age groups, voices and gender
Well-equipped with all advanced infrastructure
Professional team of multimedia personals for quality voice over services
Quick voice over services
Reliable and cost effective voice over services
Backed up with all technical support
ISO certified company
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